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© 2018 Author Zarkia. All rights reserved. 

A Boss Valentine In Miami is by far one of the best African American Urban Fiction novellas out. It’s available right here for your reading pleasure. In this standalone novella, you’ll take an unforgettable ride with Author Zarkia. She is signed to Twyla T. Presents and her writing is very clever, and this story is unputdownable. 


***WARNING*** This is not your typical, Urban Romance, Dope Boy, Thug Love, or Kingpin Savage book.


Heart pounding.


Nail biting. 






All women love Valentine’s Day right? Wrong. It used to be one of Jayda Dunbar’s favorite holidays until her trifling ex best friend and scandalous ex-boyfriend ruined it for her. Ever since that heartbreaking betrayal, Valentine’s Day had been blacklisted by Jayda. The ultimate betrayal forced Jayda Dunbar to believe that true love was something that was never meant for her. She shut herself out from the world, with no plans on opening up to any other man. Ms. Dunbar’s highlight of her life was always going to school every day to teach her high school students. Unbeknownst to her, love was staring her right in the eyes every single day.


Coach Nate Thompson, the high school basketball coach and handsome business man, had always had his eyes on Jayda. Even though she refused to give him the time of day, it never stopped his persistence. All Nate needed was an opportunity outside of school to show Jayda what he was all about. With the help of a coworker who also happened to be Jayda’s best friend, the opportunity presented itself and the ball was in Nate’s court.


In this breathtakingly sensual and suspenseful ride, Jayda decides to let her guards down, but she ends up questioning what real love is and wonders if the people around her are who they say they are. 

A Boss Valentine in Miami: An Urban Romance Novella