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© 2018 Author Zarkia. All rights reserved. 

“Why do we love love, when Love seems to hate us.” 


For the past seven years, twenty-six -year-old Rachel Hawthorne was living on cloud nine with her husband, Trenton Hawthorne. After what Rachel thought was a great day, an unexpected surprise when she returned home from work turned her life completely upside down. 


Just as Rachel slowly started to rebuild her life and regain her independence, an unexpected love interest pries his way into her life. Rachel is taken on the ride of her life when she quickly realizes that he isn’t the man he claims to be. 


Trenton quickly realizes he’s made a terrible mistake by letting Rachel go, and she finds herself in the middle of chaos. Rachel is forced to decide what is more important for her own heart: fixing the broken relationship with her husband of seven years or putting her trust into a man that may have his own ulterior motives? Trust is broken, secrets are revealed, but will love win? Zarkia takes you on an unforgettable journey in her new African American Urban Fiction Standalone and it’s available for your reading pleasure right now.

A Miami Thug Chose Me: An Urban Standalone