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Tangled Webs: Love, Lust, and Diamonds I & II left readers on the edge of their seats, yearning for more. This tangled web of a ride will come to an end with this highly anticipated African American Urban Fiction Finale. Happy endings won’t come easy for this Sunny South Florida Crew. 


Raquel Davis finds herself in a room between two men who force her to choose. Lusting after her untapped pleasures forces her to reveal secrets she swore she’d take to the grave. Will Raquel be able to walk away from the center of a tense situation unscathed or will she have to lean on the love of her life to save her?


Healing after being heartbroken from losing a brother, Cameron Hodges is ready to change his life and give it all to the one woman he loves the most. Being faced with the truth of the lies Raquel has been keeping, changes the love he has for her. Will he be able to ultimately forgive her for her adulterous affair or will it send him down a destructive path of his own?


Love sends Daree Thompson spiraling down a dark path of solitude quicker than he can catch a break. He’s forced to decide between his heart telling him no and his mind telling him yes. Manny packs and Cadillac’s are now at the forefront of his new life; true happiness arrives when his true love is revealed…or so he thought. With the love of his life forcing a divorce on him, will he sign on the dotted line or fight to keep his beautiful wife, Tracey, in his life?


With new money comes new moves. Carmen stayed up on all the latest tea, sipping and spilling whenever she sees fit. Sweet, sweet Carmen has a life of her own that she can barley hold in the shadows anymore.  She has no idea how much she’s playing with fire. They always say, pressure bursts pipes but Carmen believes that same pressure can be used to make diamonds. Will she be able to navigate through this land of unknown territory or will she fold when the wrong person comes knocking?

Tangled Webs: Love, Lust and Diamonds 3