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A Boss For The Holiday: Satin and Remy

A Boss For The Holiday: Satin and Remy
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Dealing with best friends who happens to be the biggest street entrepreneurs of Miami, Remy and Satin are perfect strangers, only knowing each other by sparingly phone conversations and by word of mouth from their men. After meeting in person and getting to know one another, they quickly go from strangers to best friends by understanding each other, respecting each other’s drive, being there for each other through turbulence times, and of course, whooping asses together.

Remy is married to the heavy weight street boss Titan and also owns her own clothing line. Being married to Titan has its perks and definitely has its headaches. When he starts moving strange for her liking and causing tension in their marriage, Remy is forced to find answers on her own, well with Satin’s help of course. They say when you go looking for something, you will always find it. But will the answer she finds cause her more heartache instead?

Graduating college and upending her life in New York to move to Miami to be with her man, Wiz, Satin couldn’t wait to see what new adventures awaits her. Not even touched down good, a bombshell of information is set off, instantly exploding all over their relationships, making Satin question her decision to move to a new city. Will Satin be able to savage her shredded relationship with Wiz? Or will it crack their shaky foundation and send her running to another man for comfort?

For Remy and Satin, all they want is to be love right. To be happy. And to start their own family. But the best friends quickly learn how fast things can go from sugar to sh’t. Lives are in jeopardy. Relationships explodes. Friendship is betrayed. Love is lost, broken, but found. Everything and anything can happen when you dealing with A Boss For the Holidays: Remy and Satin edition.