Author Zarkia

Miami Thugs Need Love Too - Book 1

Miami Thugs Need Love Too - Book 1

Vonzel Knoxx thought he would have the picture-perfect life starting his family at the tender age of seventeen. Unfortunately, the dream life he thought he would live is abruptly ripped away from him. Despite the life-altering challenges Vonzel is forced to overcome, he still remains optimistic about his new life almost two decades later.

Marzel Bradley had the cards stacked against him since he was three days old. Not only is he alone in a system that doesn't love him, but his passion for football is quickly dwindling away. Leaving him unsure of his true passions. All Marzel wants to do is make it out of the system alive and be a better man than the one who was supposed to raise him.

In this first installment of Miami Thugs Need Love Too, the lives of Vonzel and Marzel cross in a one-in-a-million coincidence. Or is it really? Author Zarkia takes you on an emotionally unforgettable ride in this urban fiction tale.