Author Zarkia

Tangled Webs: Love, Lust, and Diamonds Series

Tangled Webs: Love, Lust, and Diamonds Series

Love. Takes you to the highest of the highs. Lust. Sends you crashing back down to earth to face your own reality, especially when you’re lusting over the wrong person. For Raquel Davis, she unearths both sides of this dainty coin. Cameron is the man of her dreams, and she wants nothing more than to marry him and to love him unconditionally. However, her monthly appointment has Raquel diving deep into the garden of forbidden fruit. Will partaking of the delicious fruit cost Raquel her ultimate dream? Or will love conquers all and make Raquel’s dreams come true?

Cameron Hodges is living his best life. With his woman Raquel firmly by his side, he’s accomplished one of his biggest goals in life, owning a jewelry store with his best friend Daree. Diamonds. Supplying the highest quality of diamonds and gold to people everywhere. Even though he has a plethora of good things happening in his life, Cameron quickly learns that everything that glitters ain’t gold. Try as he might, Cameron gets caught up in a tangled web that is much harder to break through.

Tracey Thompson is married to Daree and is the epitome of a perfect wife. She has the perfect body, perfect hair, is the perfect mother to her children, and prides herself on being nothing less than the best. Anything her man wants, she’d do without question. Until she accidentally stumbles across what she thought is her husband’s biggest secret, instantly sending her spiraling out of control. Tracey’s perfect world is no longer perfect and coming to terms with this new reality is proving to be a much difficult task. Will Tracey get a grip on life or will she get caught up in a web of her own demise?

Daree Thompson just wants to be loved, be appreciated for the strong man that he is, wants to work hard, and to take care of his family. He prides himself on being the most loving and trustworthy man, husband, and father. His beautiful wife Tracey makes him the happiest man on earth...or so he thought. Getting pushed to his limits was never a part of the plan. We all know what they say when a woman’s fed up, it ain’t nothing you can do about it. But what happens when a man is fed up? Will Daree and Tracey survive the sudden upheaval in their marriage and their lives?

This sunny South Florida crew gets you so tangled up in their webs, you won’t want to break free. Twyla T. Presents brings you this Urban Romance complete trilogy by Author Zarkia. Find out just how woven are these webs in the complete Tangled Web: Love, Lust, and Diamonds trilogy.